Dimensioneringstest för stativ

Author: Ola Nilsson

Company: BAALO

Date: 2008-08-30

  1. Introduction
  2. File Information
  3. Materials
  4. Load & Restraint Information
  5. Study Property
  6. Results
    1. Stress
    2. Displacement
    3. Displacement
    4. Factor of Safety
  7. Conclusion
  8. Appendix

1. Introduction

Test med 15 000N belastning på stativ för att utvärdera om dimensioner är tillräckliga

2. File Information

Model name: Cosmos stativ 2
Model location: H:\Konsult\Pivab\PROJEKT\AVSLUTADE PROJEKT\Stansmaskin Reboard\Gamla filer\Stansmaskin Reboard 071001\Cosmos stativ 2.SLDPRT
Results location: D:\DOCUME~1\OLANIL~1\LOKALA~1\Temp
Study name: SimulationXpressStudy (-Default-)

3. Materials

No. Body Name Material Mass Volume
1 Cosmos stativ 2 [SW]S355J2H 24.3221 kg 0.00307874 m^3

4. Load & Restraint Information

Restraint1 <Cosmos stativ 2> on 1 Face(s) immovable (no translation).

Load1 <Cosmos stativ 2> on 2 Face(s) apply force -15000 N normal to reference plane with respect to selected reference Top Plane using uniform distribution

5. Study Property

Mesh Information
Mesh Type: Solid Mesh
Mesher Used: Standard mesh
Automatic Transition: Off
Smooth Surface: On
Jacobian Check: 4 Points
Element Size: 11.64 mm
Tolerance: 0.58202 mm
Quality: High
Number of elements: 28604
Number of nodes: 51407
Time to complete mesh(hh;mm;ss): 00:00:08
Computer name: KONTORX64

Solver Information
Quality: High
Solver Type: FFEPlus

6. Results

6a. Stress

Name Type Min Location Max Location
Plot1 VON: von Mises Stress
10815 N/m^2
(-82.5303 mm,
35.6526 mm,
-123.569 mm)
6.24369e+008 N/m^2
(-83.5 mm,
25 mm,
7.04172e-016 mm)

Cosmos stativ 2-SimulationXpressStudy-Stress-Plot1

6b. Displacement

Name Type Min Location Max Location
Plot2 URES: Resultant Displacement
0 mm
(-101.062 mm,
25.1 mm,
-3.5 mm)
0.73434 mm
(116.46 mm,
382.682 mm,
0.807325 mm)

Cosmos stativ 2-SimulationXpressStudy-Displacement-Plot2

6c. Displacement

6d. Factor of Safety

Cosmos stativ 2-SimulationXpressStudy-Factor of Safety-Plot4

No data available.

7. Conclusion

3ggr säkerhet på relevanta delar i sammanställningen.
Dimensioneringen är bra.

8. Appendix

Material name: [SW]S355J2H
Material Source:
Material Model Type: Linear Elastic Isotropic
Default Failure Criterion: Max von Mises Stress
Application Data:

Property Name Value Units
Elastic modulus 2e+011 N/m^2
Poisson's ratio 0.29 NA
Mass density 7900 kg/m^3
Yield strength 3.5e+008 N/m^2


SolidWorks SimulationXpress design analysis results are based on linear static analysis and the material is assumed isotropic. Linear static analysis assumes that: 1) the material behavior is linear complying with Hooke’s law, 2) induced displacements are adequately small to ignore changes in stiffness due to loading, and 3) loads are applied slowly in order to ignore dynamic effects.

Do not base your design decisions solely on the data presented in this report. Use this information in conjunction with experimental data and practical experience. Field testing is mandatory to validate your final design. SolidWorks SimulationXpress helps you reduce your time-to-market by reducing but not eliminating field tests.